A dark time is coming. Humanity will be tested. And while we may not know who is doing the testing, or why - we must meet the challenge, as we have met all others. We will succeed. Because to do anything else would be... inhuman. We will watch the dark places - and bring illumination. There is no magic - only technology. Tools that we can master. Tools we must master. Not just to survive - but for the betterment of mankind. We can - and will - take our rightful place in the stars. This is my manifesto. I hope you will join my cause.

I’m not infected. 

GET TO KNOW ME MEME → [4/5] favourite male charachters: The Outsider

"In these sleepless nights of despair, you appear to me not as the mighty leviathan, but as a young man, with eyes as black as the Void"

"Damn, I love meeting new people."



We call ourselves Runners. We exist on the edge between the gloss and the reality: the Mirror’s Edge.